Core Values

As a church there are many things which are important to us, but these are the Core Values of our group:


A Biblical Foundation

We are a Bible church, and believe God’s Word is meant to be understood and applied to everyday life. We work to make that happen in our meetings and groups because we believe it changes lives. You are invited to join us as we see how God’s message is still relevant to all people today.


A Grace Framework

We are a Grace church. Grace is God’s message and method of working with people today based on His merit, not our own. By knowing God’s grace we understand the rest of Scripture, salvation, and our role in this world today. We hope to be people who show grace to others in the same way we can receive it from God.


Reaching People

God sent Jesus to die in our place and offers life to all who trust Him. This good news

is available to anyone who accepts it, so we desire to show it with our lives and share

with our words in order that you will have life as well. We want you to enjoy God’s gifts.


Equipping Believers

Our hope is that every Christian who calls our church home will grow in their

relationship with God and with others. We feel it’s important to connect with others

so we can be encouraged, supported, and united as we learn to live out God’s truths

in our lives.


Involving Believers

Followers of Jesus Christ need to participate in order for people to be reached and believers to be equipped. Our church is a place where that can happen. We partner together and serve God by using our various gifts and talents for the benefit of others. We hope you’ll benefit from it and will help others to as well.



If you have any questions about something you read, please feel welcome to contact us by phone or email.